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Success in new media is defined in particular by the length of time a video is viewed and the engagement of the viewers. 100,000 views of a video may sound impressive, but most of the time they are not, because with a dwell time of 10 seconds the message does not get across - no engagement, no purchase. That's why communication for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn needs an extraordinary kind of storytelling, a special form of individual presence and a thematically appropriate staging.

In our One 2 One media training "New Media", I go into exactly this.

  1. how successful storytelling for new media works so that the message really gets across.
  2. what your individually most powerful presence is in front of the camera and how we strengthen it so that you and your message are perceived as credible.
  3. what the best staging is for you individually, so that your message is also emotionalised by the setting.

I am in front of the camera myself every week as a YouTuber, Instagrammer or TikToker, I know how to fight for every second of attention and can therefore impart cutting-edge and practical knowledge. In the last 4 years, we have achieved a video viewing time of more than 4 million broadcast minutes with 5 million people through our social media channels.

The media training "New Media" takes place in our studio at Naschmarkt and is divided into two modules of 3 hours each. Training languages are German and English.

The media training takes place in Nik Pichler's Studio at the Naschmarkt


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