In today's working world, companies are encountering a new generation of employees: self-confident, critical and with a strong sense of values. Successfully managing this generation requires a new understanding of leadership - New Leadership.

The challenges of new leadership:

  • Outdated paradigms: viewing people as resources, employer branding as the primary corporate objective and soft skills as synonymous with humanity are no longer in keeping with the times.
  • Changing values and expectations: Young people do not define themselves by their performance, but by their being. They question authoritarian structures and look for meaningful tasks and development opportunities.
  • Need for new leadership skills: Managers need to coach and inspire their employees and offer them freedom. They need to communicate on an equal footing, create trust and convey a sense of security.

The success factors of new leadership:

  • Focus on human skills: empathy, communication, conflict management and team building are the key skills for new leaders.
  • Flat hierarchies: Decentralized decision-making and agile structures promote initiative and creativity.
  • Finding meaning: Companies and managers must convey a clear sense of purpose to their employees.

New leadership is not a buzzword, but a necessary paradigm shift in management culture. Companies that respond to the needs and values of n


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