YouTube Marketing

YouTube needs strategies

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine right after Google–this is why your company needs to be present there. The only way to operate a YouTube channel is strategically and professionally


Today, it is no longer enough to release good videos. Several interdependent factors like channel design, titles, video SEO (search engine optimization) and advertising with Google Adwords are key elements for the success of a YouTube channel. Therefore, we recommend to operate your YouTube channel strategically and with comprehensive know-how. Otherwise your channel will only become one of the many channels with hardly any views.

We provide YouTube channels that are individually adapted to your company’s requirements and developed with a consistent strategy.

Your videos create a community around your company and facilitate better and closer contacts with your clients. Therefore, your clients will visit your YouTube channel regularly to watch your videos and you can approach potential new clients with specially targeted advertising. Seize the opportunities of modern marketing–only with us, Austria-wide.


- Target group analysis
- Strategy planning
- Competitor analysis
- Content and conceptual planning


- Design incl. thumbnails
- Channel optimization and configuration
- Keyword research & SEO
- Integration of call-to-action


- Consulting
- Design
- Production
- Post-production and animation


- Advertising with Google Adwords
- Regular success monitoring and adaptions

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Nik Pichler

The Nik Pichler brand stands for extraordinary, authentic, and clear communication based on verbal, visual, and creative methods. Nik Pichler works internationally as a photographer focusing on Reflection Art Photography with which he portrays people as well as architecture. He realizes communication strategies in the print sector, on the web, social media and with videos for national and international clients in collaboration with his creative team. As a consultant, he focuses on leadership advisory and presentation training.



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