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"Selfies are the chicest kind of self-imagery. We turn our cameras on ourselves to photograph who we are and where we are. From the Oscars to the average person with their social media account, everyone and anyone takes pictures of themselves without fear of what might come out. In the company of the image, what surrounds us might disappear into the background of the main subject. Nik puts us back where we belong, in our context. On the streets of different cities, he captures what he sees and where he is, letting buildings and architectural forms mirror each other. We ourselves are present and yet absent in these images. Present because our society builds the architectures, but absent as individuals. His photographs become mirrors for our society's introspection and self-reflection. As a monumental selfie, Nik's work makes us think about what the world looks like today." Photographer Maria Carolina Sandretto Curator of the Exhibition

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