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CFO Gerhard Hanke, Wienerberger AG

Media training by Nik Pichler

This individual coaching - OneTwoOne - optimally prepares the coachee for "state of the art video communication". The focus is on increasing individual performance (gestures, facial expressions and tonality of language) and benefit-oriented storytelling. Nik Pichler himself regularly appears in front of the camera. With more than 60,000 organic YouTube video views and approx. 240,000 minutes of airtime per month (no advertising!), Nik Pichler knows exactly what the requirements of video communication are. The intensive coaching lasts 2.5 hours per module. There are four to five working days between the individual modules, which are necessary for testing and processing. The coaching takes place in a central location, in Nik Pichler's studio at the Naschmarkt.

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