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250th anniversary of the Vienna Stock Exchange

250th anniversary of the Vienna Stock Exchange

September 2nd, 1771 was the first trading day in Vienna after Empress Maria Theresa had initiated the establishment of the National Exchange ten years earlier. In the eventful 250 years, the stock exchange has changed continuously, for example from a state financial marketplace to a modern information technology and service provider. The trade shifted from the floor to the digital network. Today it combines tradition and reliability with the future and speed.

With this in mind, it is also celebrating its 250th birthday: Ferdinand Habsburg-Lothringen, descendant of Maria Theresa and racing driver, made a pit stop in the stock exchange and started trading on the 250th anniversary. Finance Minister Gernot Blümel also paid a visit to the Vienna Stock Exchange. Capital market experts and associations were welcomed to a business lunch. The team from the Vienna Stock Exchange also took part in the celebrations.

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