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Especially in today's virtual world, print products are very important due to their materiality. We present content clearly, stylishly and innovatively, creating publications that both make a first-class first impression and are made to last. We work in great detail, style and accuracy in our print projects, but still keep an eye on the big picture. We distinguish ourselves with our skills and a great deal of experience in the new or re-interpretation of existing corporate designs. In doing so, we provide new ways for contemporary alternative applications.

We are specialized in high quality print products:

  • Brochures, folders
  • Business reports
  • Sustainability reports
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs

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Print is also our passion!

Catalogs - high quality and innovative

Developing a corporate design for a private label is the biggest challenge: Challenge accepted & succeeded.


Agrar Markt Austria
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Agrar Markt Austria


Grafenegg Broschüre
Danube Private University
die Kundmanngasse


Danube Private University
die Kundmanngasse
Nik Pichler


Danube Private University
Thomastik-Infeld Vienna
Ausstellungszeitung NYC


Rotter Katalog
Thomastik Infeld Vienna
Weingut Eitzinger


Nik Pichler
Schiefer Rechtsanwälte

Corporate Designs

Machreich artists management
Danube Private University


Danube Private University
Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Invitations / folding cards

Thomastik-Infeld Vienna
Machreich Artists Management
Danube Private University


Gärtnerei Hick
Weingut Eitzinger


Weingut Eitzinger
Weingut Eitzinger


Schiefer Rechtsanwälte
Danube Private University
Thomastik-Infeld Vienna


The DPU was the beginning for the great career of Nik Pichler and his team. Today we can look back on a trusting and wonderful cooperation, which will continue to have its promising effect for both sides in the future.

Senator Honorary Consul Prof. h.c. Marga B. Wagner-Pischel

Nik Pichler and his team have been with us since our founding in 2009 and have been instrumental in the development of our corporate design and media presence. We are enthusiastic about Nik's personal success story, his visionary, professional work, and thank him for the trustful and friendly cooperation over the last decade. Looking forward to future joint projects, one thing is certain for us: Never change a winning team!

Senator Stefanie Arco-Zinneberg MA
Director Marketing and Management Danube Private University

Nik Pichler is not an agency. Nik Pichler is a creative space where a feel for the brand’s soul, an ear for the customer and the expertise of a marketer converge on a central point. Working with him and his team is not only success, but enjoyment.

Nina Haberlehner
Marketing & Art Director Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Nik Pichler & his team are professional and valuable partners for video productions that meet the zeitgeist. Innovative ideas, fast realization and top in coaching voice actors.

Julia Resch
Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing Wiener Börse AG

Nik Pichler and his team are a valuable asset in video and film production. I trust in the "state of the art" services that Nik Pichler offers for the production and implementation of videos and film: be it recordings for financial market communication, internal CEO video messages or stories on strategically relevant topics. I particularly appreciate that Nik and his team provide an equally tailored, modern, and reliable know-how.

Claudia Hajdinyak
Head of Corporate Communications Wienerberger AG

We have been collaborating with Nik Pichler and his team for many years and are always very happy with the results! All our ideas are perfectly implemented and we can always rely on them to get it right. The team is also always friendly and reliable.
Keep it up! We will remain faithful to you!


Anton und Nadja Eitzinger

Ich arbeite seit über 10 Jahren mit Nik Pichler und seinem Team. Er überzeugt durch maßgeschneiderte Kommunikation und klare, innovative, einprägsame Konzepte. Nik Pichler hat es geschafft, mit der CI, dem Logo und der Website für Machreich Artists Management etwas sehr Authentisches und Einzigartiges zu kreieren. Unsere langjährige Zusammenarbeit basiert auf großem Vertrauen und er schafft es, bei jedem gemeinsamen Projekt, den Wesenskern der Marke von Machreich Artists herauszuarbeiten. Er gibt sich mit dem Gewöhnlichen nicht zufrieden und das gefällt mir!

Helga Machreich-Unterzaucher


I would be happy to advise you. My team and I are here for you!

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