Yogarosa Retreat - #UnlimitedMe
by Nik Pichler
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Yogarosa Retreat - #UnlimitedMe

I like the German word “großartig”. It basically means “great”, but the combination of the two words “groß” (“great” or “big”) and “art” (with its English meaning) may define a specific object as big and therefore define its shape as well as characteristics as artful. The three words–shape, art, and big­–create a very special connection and define certain boundaries as well. “Großartig” is therefore the perfect word to describe this place I recently visited for a week: The Yogarosa Retreat on Ibiza. This place is definitely big and has a very individual shape and form of art. It has clear boundaries, and within them incredible dimensions.

My holiday, however, did not start out that “großartig”. As I was sitting in the plane to Ibiza my headphones were my only remaining escape from reality. I was surrounded by fully drunk vacationers who continued to devour Vodka-Red Bull like it was going out of style while emanating a wide range of almost equally disgusting body odors. My only remaining thought was: “I am human, please get me out of here.”

But all that was forgotten as soon as I arrived at the Yogarosa Retreat. I immersed myself in this bubble of space and silence. I only realized the next morning how beautiful this extensive resort actually is. It was midnight, I was tired and fell into a deep sleep on my bed in my beautiful Ibiza-style room. It all started the next morning at 8.30am. First, a cup of tea followed by 1.5 hours of yoga with the retreat’s owner, Rosa Klein. Then, a deliciously fresh fruit salad, a one-hour break, followed by lunch–a fantastic vegan bowl prepared by chef Claudia. Massage at 1pm, then relaxing at the pool, meditation at 6pm, dinner at 7pm­–three unbelievably great vegan dishes–and then straight to bed at 9.30pm. This is how every day was structured throughout the entire week.

I deliberately chose to write that part in a staccato style because this is not what truly defines this special place, however important well-run yoga courses, meditations, and gourmet food may be. However beautifully located the three houses, the pools, pavilions, and rooms may be, they do not define this place. They all contribute significantly to its success but they are only parts of it. The beating heart of the Yogarosa Retreat is its owner–Rosa Klein, an unbelievable woman.

Rosa is an Austrian, but she had been living in Mallorca with her kids for many years. This is where she had a serious accident. A car crashed into her and she was critically wounded. She was on the other side for a little while but she returned back to life–to a life with constant and severe pain. She did not want to simply accept her fate. In defiance of any rational thought and particularly contrary to every medical recommendation, she traveled to an ashram in India and started doing yoga and meditation. This way she got her–now painless–life back. However, it was not her old life anymore, it was the beginning of a new chapter. She explored the worlds of yoga and meditation for years and started to share what she learned at her own retreat four years ago. She is the living soul of this place and she makes it unique.

I really liked that, despite the luxury this place provides, five dogs, two pigs and two very small birds found refuge here as well. I liked taking breakfast crockery back to the kitchen myself and watch Claudia and her apprentice Lukas prepare the next meals. But I especially liked Rosa’s musings about life, the very humble way she communicated her wisdom after yoga courses and mediations. It takes you aback, how we oftentimes get lost in our everyday rut. How we create problems or perceive them in dimensions that may not even exist and are definitely not healthy for us. It takes you aback, when you realize that we poison our bodies and souls on a daily basis. Everything at Yogarosa Retreat is geared towards detoxification, the yoga courses as well as the meditations with very special breathing techniques. And it works. It puts things in perspective. It makes your freer. You get your energy back, you become more agile and start to become more aware and discover things again­–yourself, first and foremost. “The inner world is the biggest, and not the outer world,” says Rosa and she is right. It takes openness and quite a bit of courage to take a look into this inner world and accept the truth you find there.

The great thing about the Yogarosa Retreat is, that you are not alone with your experiences. It is a safe place for people who are looking for it, namely quiet, distance, and time for yourself–apart from everyday life. Here you will meet a wide variety of people of any age, with various jobs, and nationalities. I had a wonderful and intensive time there with a truly diverse group of people, from event managers to jewelers and Hollywood actors. And since there are only five rooms, you really spend a lot of time together, learn about each other as well as a bit more about yourself. This is what life is all about: To learn about yourself, to be yourself. Unfortunately, we forget these things and therefore it takes great places like Yogarosa to become ourselves again, to become big again, individual works of art–or to use that German word again, to become “großartig”!

If you just look down, you’re limited–if you look up, there is no limit,” says Rosa. And this is exactly the thought I will keep with me and look at sky more often and not just at my phone.

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