The “At Six” – a class of its own and turntables for me!
by Nik Pichler
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The “At Six” – a class of its own and turntables for me!

I just have a faible for extraordinary hotels. There are only few of them but the At Six is definitely one of them. For me, the things that make a hotel special have nothing to do with the number of stars or with size. It is more about the style it represents. I am a big fan of style and that includes design as well as personal hospitality. I just love it when these two aspects meet my (admittedly very high) expectations.

And the At Six has met and even exceeded these expectations. I was already impressed when saw this unbelievable sculpture in the lobby that dominated the steps to the restaurant while still scoring points with its simplicity. Upon entering the hotel, you could think you just stepped into a museum of modern art. Only the concierge at his unpretentious desk and the receptionists hint at this place being a hotel. And it is exactly this kind of interplay between presence and seclusion that can be felt throughout the hotel. Even the bar at the At Six, which feels 15 meters long, makes you feel comfortable and almost cosy despite its spatial dominance. I haven’t even mentioned the unbelievable Gin and Tonics I tried there. Swedish Gin is really great!! And right there is also the Music Room with a DJ desk – how cool is that! Of course, I had to get behind these turntables right away ;-)) But I digress, let’s get back to the hotel.

The At Six may seem very dark from the outside and this is atypical for Stockholm’s cityscape. And that’s a good thing because even here you can see the interplay between presence and seclusion. The hotel’s staff embodies this style perfectly. All of them are just really there. They are polite, courteous and in their special Stockholm-like way they are never intrusive. If you want to experience reclusiveness in a stylish hotel then the At Six is the right place for you. I flew to Stockholm quite spontaneously for a long weekend, and my plan was to spend some time on my own and with my camera, away from shootings and other jobs. Therefore, it was very important for me to be able to enjoy this reclusiveness, and that is exactly what the hotel’s staff helps you to do in this hotel.

On my first evening, I had dinner at the hotel. This is not something I would normally do since I prefer to explore the city. But this time I decided to do it anyway. And this was a good decision, the best even. To be honest, I have no idea what I ate but I know these dishes were unbelievable culinary experiences: the perfect bites. While we are on the subject of food: breakfast at the At Six is a dream come true. Until then, I had rarely (!) seen and enjoyed a breakfast buffet like that. I had to smile a little when the restaurant’s maître d’ asked me on each of my three mornings there if I was part of the team of a world-renowned designer who had meeting for several days at this hotel. And my answer always was, “I am still not Mr. XX”. My answer always left him a little disappointed, but I decided not to take it amiss and to see it as a compliment for my clothing style.

I know that my fascination just continues when I talk about my place to sleep but it really was this damn good. The bed was simply a dream, the view was magnificent despite the rain, and I had space, a wonderful bathroom, and a bathrobe I bought immediately because it had a hood. Just take a look at the pictures to see what I mean.

It is important for me to say that a hotel is more than a place to sleep for me. I really do care, because where I sleep is where I live as well. The sentence “The hotel does not matter, I only sleep there” does not work for me; even though the time I spend at the hotel and in my room is limited, this is still the place for me to unplug and regenerate, my temporary home. The At Six was my home for four wonderful days. Everybody likes to come home, and I will definitely come back!

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