Storytelling made in Hollywood. Nik shoots artist profile in L.A.
by Nik Pichler
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Storytelling made in Hollywood. Nik shoots artist profile in L.A.

If you would have told me some time ago that I would fly to Los Angeles to shoot my artist profile video there with a Hollywood film crew, I would have said that you are crazy. However, one has to be a little crazy at times to change things up in everyday life. And this is how an illusion became a reality. I was on my way to Los Angeles at the end of May to do exactly that. I would shoot a video with Hollywood professionals to learn how to tell stories the right way and perfect my storytelling. And how could I learn it any better than by telling my own story, my story as a photographer. It was the perfect moment for it. But let’s start at the beginning.

I met the director Eric Stern a few weeks ago in Vienna. His fiancé is Viennese and somebody recommended us two for a collaboration. Someone thought that we would be on the same wave length and we should just meet and see how it goes. This first meeting instantly turned into a very open and extremely interesting conversation. Eric asked me the right questions and I realized that he is a highly talented storyteller. He had been working in the Hollywood movie business for 12 years and therefore had a lot of experience. Development is essential for my team and me, and we reached our limits in Austria. Therefore, one thing quickly led to another. “Learn from the best” is something that one of my clients and friends used to say to me. And off I went to Hollywood…

I also was in a kind of crisis as an artistic photographer at that time. Even though I took a lot of photos in the past years, all of them were commissioned works. It’s just a fact that I haven’t realized a single independent artistic statement in the last three years. I did not know anymore where I was as an artist. Am I even still interested in my fields “Reflection Art Photography” and “Street Art Photography”? Do I still want it? Can I still do it? Is there anything left to say for me as an artist?

I wanted to answer all of these questions with my artist profile video. I saw it as a process with an uncertain ending. It was even quite possible that my time as an artistic photographer would be over for now. I wanted to find clarity for me as an artist, and exactly that was my story. It was a story Eric should tell, with me in it as the actor and, at the same time, observer, protagonist, and student. It was the beginning of an exciting story for me that demanded my full disclosure, gave me total clarity, and conveyed unique knowledge.

I gave Eric free reign for this exciting project, and therefore he chose his team himself (Jeff and Orson were great). And even though I really missed my team  and my camera team with Manuel and Julian, I know from my own experience how important it is to give creatives their freedom to choose their own teams. We had two days of shooting in total, a short yet intense time lay ahead of us. One day included a comprehensive interview and shooting on the second day was to take place at several locations in Los Angeles.

The interview took place outdoors at a house in the Hollywood Hills. L.A.’s skyline was our backdrop. That interview was really intense. I hadn’t been roasted with questions like this for quite a while. Eric asked questions that surprised, challenged, and also inspired me. I got the clarity I needed on that day, and Eric got more than enough material for a fascinating documentary. To be honest, I was so exhausted after this interview that I slept for two hours right after ;-)

On the second day of shooting I wanted to go to remote areas of Los Angeles, away from all the touristic madness. Eric chose these locations very carefully as well. On this day he and his team wanted to observe me as I took a look around, how I discovered new things, and how my pictures are made. I took my camera, put on my headphones, and started walking.

Release Date: Artist-Profile Video 17. Oktober 2019




Photos by: orson-oblowitz.com


Shoes: Hugo Boss

Trousers: 10sei0otto

Shirt: Label_Lebal

Cap : Mühlbauer

Sunglasses: KBL

Camera: Nikon


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