Nik Pichler has been working as self-employed consultant since 2006 for various national and international companies and organizations. He has a business background and combines it with years of leadership experience as well as NLP techniques (neurolinguistic programming).

His consultant work far exceeds the application of the tools he learned in his trainings. He achieves the central aim, to bring clients closer to their goals and personal successes, with his approach that is characterized by creativity and empathy, to ultimately make them aware of all of their problems, reinforce their own resources, and revitalize their creative potential and coping skills.

Conversations are at the center of the consulting processes; furthermore, a multitude of different, individually balanced methods can be provided as a result of these conversations. Nik Pichler is known to work very practice-oriented and to be appreciative as well as challenging in his consulting sessions. Consulting sessions take place at his studio at Naschmarkt in Vienna. All of his consulting sessions are strictly confidential.

Nick Pichler graduated from the European Management Academy (Paris, 1992) and has an NLP Master degree (from the German NLP Association, 2006). Since 2005, is the owner of a nationally and internationally operating communication agency. Until 2005, he had worked at Generali and the Raiffeisen Group as executive assistant, team leader, and department head for 10 years.


Studio at Naschmarkt, Lehargasse 3a/2, 1060 Vienna, Austria 
Phone: 0660/888 66 88

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Studio on Naschmarkt
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Nik Pichler

The Nik Pichler brand stands for extraordinary, authentic, and clear communication based on verbal, visual, and creative methods. Nik Pichler works internationally as a photographer focusing on Reflection Art Photography with which he portrays people as well as architecture. He realizes communication strategies in the print sector, on the web, social media and with videos for national and international clients in collaboration with his creative team. As a consultant, he focuses on leadership advisory and presentation training.



Studio on Naschmarkt
Lehargasse 3A/2 (Eingang Millöckergasse)
1060 Vienna

Lehargasse 3A/7
1060 Vienna

+43 660 6668866


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