Essen & Trinken

Immerse yourself in a Viennese Salon of Modernism...

24. Aug, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0

My day in the exclusive private dining club "Grand Etage" in the heart of Vienna

The MarctStandl

16. Apr, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0

I have to admit, I am a big fan of Vienna’s Naschmarkt, even though I only visit a much smaller area of it today than I used to a few years ago. I have a few carefully selected favourite spots but the rest of this market is too touristic for me. But that’s okay; Vienna is a touristic city where places like Naschmarkt are simply necessary...


23. Mar, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0

Ever since I was a child, I have been keenly interested in food and cooking. At that time I spent almost all of my spare time in the kitchen with my grandmother who was an unbelievably good cook. I loved watching her and, of course.....

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