Bob Dylan

All I can do is be me, whoever that is.


19. May, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0

The last time I was in Trieste I went to the hotel’s gym, as I often do when I am on (business) trips. It’s funny, as I am writing these lines, I am sitting in Trieste again... but that is a story for another time ;)

From New York to Margeretenplatz

12. May, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0

3 outfits for sunglasses. Wieden Optik goes Margareten

"The Last word"

05. May, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0

How a film’s fictional story suddenly became my reality...

Mirror, mirror

28. Apr, 2017 by Nik Pichler 0
Who is beautiful? And who is the judge of that and therefore defines beauty? Who can say that somebody is beautiful? We could start a philosophical discussion about this, but I don’t want to do that. I simply want to take a look at this issue from my own perspective, in the here and now...

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