One man, three styles, one bag - Nik Pichler for Henry Wiman
by Nik Pichler
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One man, three styles, one bag - Nik Pichler for Henry Wiman

Bob Dylan said: „All I can do is be me, whoever that is.“ This quote has accompanied me all my life and also describes the way I dress. I believe it is very important that we don’t run around all wearing the same clothes. What’s more, I find it essential that we find and live our personal styles, away from standardized big brands. In my opinion, a man needs at least three clothing styles and not just the same suits in three colors. This also makes us more interesting “…whoever that is….” For me, these styles are: cool/casual, avant-garde, and business casual.

Are bags important for men?

These styles fit me best but which bag is the perfect fit for me? Yes – a bag is important. Women know that but men should know this too. In most cases we carry our laptops and MacBooks around with us and they need appropriate cases. To be honest, I did not pay much attention to bags for quite a while. My bags had to be practical. They should have the right colors but their design, shape, and materials never really concerned me. And then I met Henry Wiman, or to be more precise the label’s founder, during a joint collaboration.

Adele – Hello??

An employee told me about a start-up company that manufactured laptop bags. That alone wasn’t exciting yet, but then I heard the name. The owner’s name was Adele: „Hello??“ If you know me, you know that I have a certain affinity to a singer with this name and for that reason alone it already was a good way to peak my interest. Even though nothing of what followed had anything to do with singing anymore, Adele Wiman came to my studio on Naschmarkt one day and presented her bag collection to me.

I like Henry Wiman

Something interesting happened after that meeting: I started taking a closer look at laptop bags of women and men on the street and realized that I hardly ever saw one that I liked. I immediately liked the bags of Henry Wiman and they were a perfect fit for all my clothing styles. Bingo! I liked their classic yet very modern and simple form. They felt great and the colors were just fantastic. I fell in love instantly with the blue bag, but the beautiful brown one also fascinated me, and black always works for me. They are made of Argentinian pebbled leather – a dream come true for anybody even just remotely interested in kinesthesia.

Cool price and fair manufacturing

Fair manufacturing conditions of the products I buy are very important to me. I had to ask Adele this question because I was a little puzzled when I heard the bag costs 199 euros. Thankfully, there was a simple explanation for this: Henry Wiman manufactures in accordance with the highest international standards (http://www.bsci-intl.org/). These standards guarantee that workers are paid fairly and have fair working hours; they also ensure safety and health standards for workers as well as environmental standards and that there is no child labor involved.

Readers of my blog get a 15% discount!

If you also want one of these bags go to Henry Wiman’s online store at www.henrywiman.com and enter the discount code „Nik“ during checkout to get a 15% discount! Shipping within the EU is free, by the way. Live your three styles and have fun with these wonderful, beautiful and fair bags!


Outfit 1 - Sunglasses by KBL, shirt by Zara, Jacket by Zara, Pants Hannibal, Bag by Henry Wiman, Shoes by Marsell

Outfit 2 – Sunglasses by KBL, Bag by Henry Wiman, Pullover by  Forme 3'3204322896    , Pants by Cedric Jacquemyn,

Outfit 3 – Cap by G & H Great Horse, Glasses by Reiz, Suit by Hannibal, Shirt by Zara, Bag by Henry Wiman, Shoes by Converse

fotos: Nik Pichler by Markus Kufner

in cooperation with Henry Wiman

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