My individual Christmas style – elegant, cool, avant-garde – old and new!
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  • My individual Christmas style – elegant, cool, avant-garde – old and new!
by Nik Pichler
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My individual Christmas style – elegant, cool, avant-garde – old and new!

My Christmas outfits were always important to me. At times, depending on my respective stage of personal development, one or two of them may have ended up to be solid fashion disasters. Thinking back to the 80ies still send shivers down my spine, with its shirts with golden swords and black stripes. At that time, I was certainly more colorful than any Christmas tree. I can laugh about it today and I am happy that there were no mobile phones or social media around at that time. These fortunate circumstances keep those memories personal and private as they rest pleasantly in the depths of my box of photos.

In my family, we all agree on dressing up for Christmas. Growing up in the countryside, I had probably always been a little on the exotic side; but who cares, I liked it even though my direct competition sometimes probably were tacky Christmas decorations. I also went through phases when I just wore sweat pants as I sat under the Christmas tree on December 24, but these were definitely not my finest hours. I still believe that it is important to dress up on holidays like Christmas. Why would we dress up Christmas tress but not ourselves? I think that it is a question of respect and of appreciation of the festivities and the people around us. You don’t have to go too far and the decorative elements of certain ladies do not have to compete directly with Christmas trees.

This is a good time to quote Coco Chanel again: “Style is the art of leaving out the right things!”. I like it when clothing becomes a statement and when it says something personal about the person who wears it. And all the pieces of clothing you see in these photos are very personal. Each one of them has its own story. The coat is by “Song for the mute”. I bought it this year by chance at Eigensinnig. I was not looking for a coat and yet it just hung there right in front of me. I tried it on and that was it for me. It was like it was made for me. I love its collar, how simple it is to close with just one clasp and that the lining is visible at the lower seams, let alone the incredibly woven material it is made of.

The cap is from my favorite store in NYC: Gorin Bros. As you know, I have a soft spot for Viennese hat designers like “Mühlbauer” and “Nomades Modern”, but I still have to visit that hat store every time I am in Williamsburg NYC. The result of one of these visits is this cap. I love its color as well as its shape. Gray is one of my absolute favorite colors and its shape is a kind of shabby chic. It has something boyish and emphasizes a very personal side of me. Even that can be a nice look at Christmas ;-). These pants are very special to me because they are from a fantastic designer and dear friend – Stefanie, who started her own label “Atelier Obstiné” this year with her partner Toni. I love its ingenious cut that accentuates my legs and is a little low-crotch. I also love the choice of material – simply great linen, which give them that certain something!!

Even though I try to steer away from big brands and promote individual designers, I do have a few pieces by Zara and H&M. I particularly like this shirt by Zara. It looks a bit like a smoking shirt and that makes it easier to skip wearing a jacket with it. It is chic enough to be worn directly under a coat with a fitted cut. And the moment you take off the coat and people see the shirt makes it a real eye-catcher – believe me ;-).

Last but not least – shoes. I love shoes and particularly those by “Marsell”. These shoes are a deliberate break from the otherwise rather elegant outfit, and therefore they complete it perfectly. Similar to the coat’s visible lining, they are a statement with a bit of a twinkle and a smile. I love shoes like these. They remind of boots I bought years ago in Los Angeles on Melrose and which I wore until their bitter end. “Marsell” boots give me a similar feeling. The attitude and the appearance of people with really good shoes is just different.

And I almost forgot a quite important accessory: my black belt with its flashy golden buckle. This is my obvious concession to Christmas. I bought this belt when I was studying in England. It is quite a few years old and even though I do not wear it as often as I did in its heyday, I still love it. And that’s the Christmas spirit - to love and pay tribute to heydays. And to dress well!!

I wish you and your families & friends a Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing you again in the new year!



Fotos by Markus Kufner

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