A very special design object - the LIVECUBE...
by Nik Pichler
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A very special design object - the LIVECUBE

Why is there an aquarium at the Hofburg in Vienna? I asked myself that very question as I was there at a trade fair for interior design when I already saw that really extraordinary water landscape in one of Hofburg’s staterooms from afar. “There is absolutely no reason why there should be an aquarium here,” I said to myself. But when I came closer I realized that it was not an aquarium. It was a very special design object. It was a LIVECUBE.

Fascinated by its unique square design, I walked up to it and started to lose myself as I was looking at its vibrant paintings. I took a closer look at the plants’ design and my eyes followed the wonderful and diverse fishes. I had never before seen anything like it. Everything was so wonderfully attuned to each other–the plants, the animals, the shape of the glass, and the light. I have to admit that, as a diver, I am fascinated by fish and water landscapes, but up to that point aquariums never really were an interior design feature I cared about. After all, this one was not just an aquarium either.

And this LIVECUBE is in a class of its own. I love really good design and I think that this is exactly the reason why I never had an aquarium before. Aquariums always felt clumsy and like something that takes a lot of effort to maintain. As I looked upon this beautiful glass cube on its pedestal of brushed stainless steel, I enjoyed these aesthetic and simple shapes. I like this combination of design, nature, life, and water. This combination creates an aesthetic image behind glass that changes all the time and gives its observers peace.

As I am writing these lines, I am looking across my desk to my LIVECUBE, which is located approximately 10 meters away from me in our office. There was no point in resisting, I had to have such a LIVECUBE. Maybe not right away at the trade fair but as a Christmas present for my team and myself. And here it is, right in the middle of our office, expanding our creative location by an additional dimension. We all look at this object from time to time to leave reality behind us for a little while.

Right now, a red fighting fish follows a yellow honey-gourami, as their majestic fins are wonderfully in motion. At the same time, a school of blue neon tetras glides along. Fascinating. I meditate almost every day in the morning at home and with this LIVECUBE I get yet another moment of meditative peace to restore my energy.

However, reducing the LIVECUBE to a design-aquarium installed by an artist, would not capture its full scope. It is a functioning, self-contained ecosystem that was developed by biologists over years; a perfect combination of light, plants, and animals. And as much as I personally spoil my cats at home, I did not want to have any more work with these new pets and therefore I opted for the “carefree package”. The company’s service staff comes by once a month, cleans it, replenishes the feed and everything is good again.

A visual, yet effortless delight–wonderful! That’s enough writing for now, let’s get back looking at it…

For more information go to livecube.at

Fotos by Nik Pichler and LIVECUBE

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