New York # Berlin Reflected

Nik Pichler approaches the metropolises he visits, like New York and Berlin, with an open eye. There are no strategic considerations; he is not looking for motives he can highlight, he inevitably discovers them. What he sees and visualizes may be present in everyday life but it is rarely noticed. This artistic process is not cognitive but emotional. His well-trained eye is keenly looking for something that we oftentimes overlook or even find annoying: reflections.

The indirect and multilayered properties of reflections enable their observers to perceive them in an unusual way, beyond the obvious. Numerous reflections, especially in major cities, experience yet another and very personal reflection in and by Nik Pichler.

In the art world, mirrors as well as photography are considered media to capture moments. Photography, however, captures those moments that mirrors reflect in their elusiveness. Nik Pichler combines the two by capturing reflecting surfaces, and everything they bundle in a picture, with his photographic eye.

Our metropolises are filled with facades and shopping windows which are dominated by glass. Contrary to mirrors, these reflecting elements have two characteristics, depending on the respective lighting conditions. They are reflective as well as transparent. Sometimes these urban facades become mirrors of their environment, sometimes these reflections blend into the view of interior spaces. Reflections of light and shadows of natural environments as well as electrified cities emphasize further features in the photos that Nik Pichler creates this way.  The results are visual compactions of living environments, of our metropolises’ constant change. Architectural elements of the past and present, which characterize the face of a city and, at the same time, are an expression of social change, flow together in one picture. The remains of a city’s fading character are reflected in the facades of modern architecture, which oftentimes tower over old structures with their massive sizes even though they support or even initially provoke their perception through these reflections. Interior and exterior spaces as well as the dynamic hustle and bustle flow into this network of transparent layers. Some of Pichler’s works simultaneously take a look behind and in front of us, maybe with traces of the dynamics of people’s everyday life in between. From the perspective of his Reflection Art Photography, Nik Pichler opens our eyes to an unusual confrontation with our urban living environment. He lets us rediscover it in a new way and reflect on it beyond our everyday viewing habits.

Matthias Erntges, curator of the exhibition

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Nik Pichler

Nik Pichler is a communication expert, photographer, and director with an international background. He and his brand stand for open-mindedness, courage, appreciation, and style. Nik Pichler and his team implement brand identities, corporate identities, as well as  product advertising and image advertising campaigns for small, medium-sized, and large companies in Austria and around the world. His portfolio is based on a values-based strategy and comprises film, video, photography, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) as well as print productions and web presences. Nik Pichler is known for his clear consulting style, authentic strategies, extraordinary ideas, and successful realizations. As an advisor, Nick Pichler also supports his clients’ personal and professional development.



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