Videos that make sense

From the initial idea to their strategic distribution – our videos move, explain and emotionalize corporate values.

Whether you need an image film, corporate video, commercial, or event video­–a successful video consists of a combination of values, strategies, emotions, and techniques. We understand and feel brands, and use this understanding to realize our videos. Authentic and first-class productions are created from a mix of new ideas and original values. We support and know a broad range of client groups and operate nationally as well as internationally, and you, as an entrepreneur, can benefit from that.


From the initial idea to your video’s release and marketing – we do it all.



We are experts in value-based communication and use our know-how for all of our productions.



Image film, video campaign or YouTube channel? We produce customized videos based on a jointly developed strategy.



Learn from communication expert and YouTuber Nik Pichler how to present yourself in front of the camera and how you communicate content.


We provide state-of-the-art equipment and professional know-how about the latest trends from the video industry.


We are a small team, work efficiently, and create an open and comfortable atmosphere for shootings.

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Unique & strategic

Videos need to be different from those of your competitors to ensure that your video messages and company remain unique.

Many video productions focus on film implementation and neglect strategic and conceptual ideas. Videos are the most crucial form of communication today, therefore good strategies and professional know-how regarding online distribution are of utmost importance. What is the video’s purpose, who is the target audience for the video and via which channels should it be released? We are asking these questions long before we even touch a camera. Expensively produced company videos do not serve their purpose if nobody watches them on YouTube, and that is exactly why the right strategy plays such an important role. We are communication experts, photographers, video specialists, marketing experts as well as experts in online distribution and video SEO. Our recipe for success consists of a unique mix including empathetic understanding of people, companies and their products/services, combined with the right strategies and professional video production.

Nik Pichler

The Nik Pichler brand stands for extraordinary, authentic, and clear communication based on verbal, visual, and creative methods. Nik Pichler works internationally as a photographer focusing on Reflection Art Photography with which he portrays people as well as architecture. He realizes communication strategies in the print sector, on the web, social media and with videos for national and international clients in collaboration with his creative team. As a consultant, he focuses on leadership advisory and presentation training.



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