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Why is social media important?

In my opinion, social media is not only important, it is even essential for corporate success. Following word of mouth, social media is the most valuable form of referral marketing. Facebook, Instagram, bloggers etc. have become the influencers of our time. Even though some might still consider social media a private hobby with insignificant information, it provides extraordinary opportunities for entrepreneurs. With these communication media, you directly increase brand awareness, which is the foundation of any sales activities. And you can also communicate products, services, and campaigns quickly, directly, and easily.


How do you become successful on social media?

To become successful, you have to do more than publish a few posts and be pleased with the likes you get. Social media require absolutely professional strategies and implementation processes, just like any other form of communication. This is how social media become an integral part of your communication mix besides print, radio, direct marketing, TV, and web.

I believe that social media campaigns become successful when you combine traditional marketing know-how of the “old economy” with the spirit of the new generation of communication. But the success of any marketing campaign is rooted in a clear and professional marketing strategy that comprises all communication channels. Social media is just one of these channels – no more and no less. It may be easy to be impressed by a potential cooperation partner’s number of followers, but this number does not get you anywhere if it does not overlap with your respective target group. As with any other communication channel, quality comes before quantity on social media.



What can we do for you?

We provide comprehensive services ranging from consulting and support to individual training:

  1. Professional analysis of your existing social media presence
    strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/risks
  2. Development of strategies and concepts for your social media presence
    What makes sense and how can we implement it?
  3. Planning of topics and types of content in accordance with your goals
  4. Taking over content management and training your team
  5. Regular reporting regarding successes, opportunities, and risks

What does Nik Pichler do?

  1. I combine my experience in developing marketing strategies and my communication know-how with the social media know-how of my young team of specialists.
  2. We work strategically and operationally, precisely and clearly, we examine critically and we are consistently up to date on the latest developments.
  3. We provide clarity and hold training courses so that you can act independently.
  4. We have very good contacts to the most important bloggers and arrange success-oriented cooperation projects.
  5. Nik Pichler’s successful social media presences on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and his blog will support you.

Please contact me directly for more information. Just give me a call (phone: +43 660 888 66 88) and arrange a meeting with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nik Pichler

Nik Pichler is a communication expert, photographer, and director with an international background. He and his brand stand for open-mindedness, courage, appreciation, and style. Nik Pichler and his team implement brand identities, corporate identities, as well as  product advertising and image advertising campaigns for small, medium-sized, and large companies in Austria and around the world. His portfolio is based on a values-based strategy and comprises film, video, photography, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube) as well as print productions and web presences. Nik Pichler is known for his clear consulting style, authentic strategies, extraordinary ideas, and successful realizations. As an advisor, Nick Pichler also supports his clients’ personal and professional development.



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