The Nik Pichler agency consists of a team of specialists from the fields of strategy, web, print, video, and social media. Nik Pichler combines the know-how of a marketing strategist with the experience of a communication specialist and the range of an artist. He works on the basis of value-based communication to communicate brands successfully. This extraordinary approach is characterized by its clarity and authenticity and provides security for clients in creative processes. Nik Pichler and his team provide long-term support for companies and their development. The service portfolio ranges from logo development, print publications, web design and programming, copywriting, photography to social media, as well as image and product videos, and 2D animations. Benefit from the creative cross-over from Vienna to New York, the two centers of Nik Pichler’s life.

Nik Pichler

The Nik Pichler brand stands for extraordinary, authentic, and clear communication based on verbal, visual, and creative methods. Nik Pichler works internationally as a photographer focusing on Reflection Art Photography with which he portrays people as well as architecture. He realizes communication strategies in the print sector, on the web, social media and with videos for national and international clients in collaboration with his creative team. As a consultant, he focuses on leadership advisory and presentation training.



Studio on Naschmarkt
Lehargasse 3A/2 (Eingang Millöckergasse)
1060 Vienna

Lehargasse 3A/7
1060 Vienna

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