"Can you see it?"
#schmittenreflected by Nik Pichler sponsored by Audi


“It is about feeling and not observation, and it is about seeing a unique dimension. This is when everything falls into place.” (Nik Pichler)


“Style is the art of leaving out the right things!” (Coco Chanel)


“All I can do is be myself, whoever that is.” (Bob Dylan)

The Team

Dunja Pinta
Barbara Popp
Office Management
Raphael Boos
Manuel Eisenkirchner
Dorna Saadati
Social Media

A photographer in front of the camera

For once Nik Pichler stands in front of the camera and not behind it:

Sunday morning at 6.50am on Vienna’s Naschmarkt – time for this year’s portrait shooting with the entire team – great! This location with its great graffiti on closed businesses conveys something really unique. And by now these backgrounds are already gone.


Nik Pichler Communications

Nik Pichler Communications is the full-service agency of photographer and communication specialist Nik Pichler. The team consists of 3 women and 3 men. They focus on strategy, creation, and positioning of authentic and strong brands independent of the respective companies’ size and nature. A diverse portfolio of clients provides numerous opportunities for creative crossovers. The agency was founded ten years ago and has been working nationally as well as internationally.



Studio am Naschmarkt
Lehargasse 3A/2 (Eingang Millöckergasse)
1060 Vienna

Kleine Neugasse 9/15
1050 Vienna


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